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  • 3 October 2017

    VIATOR Culture and Tourism Association has prepared a game dedicated to Polish mathematicians who broke the encryption code of the German Enigma machine. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the competition "Cooperation in Public Diplomacy 2017".

    The project was created in connection with the fall of the Enigma Machine by Polish Military Intelligence Service. By participating in, participants from all over the world can not only learn about the achievements of Polish mathematicians and Poland's role in the victory in World War II, but also to understand Polish point of view in the context of fighting for the restoration of the rightful place of Poland in history, which had a decisive influence on the fate of war.

    The attractiveness of this game is evidenced by the fact that in previous editions (since 2011) over 6000 participants took part in it from all over the world.

    The game will be released in Polish (Codebreakers) and English (Codebreakers).

    Detailed information about the project can be found at: or  (English version).

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